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  • Is your gas detection monitor steering you in the right direction?

    Calisto 2
    – Accuracy is Everything.

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    • An essential tool, now widely taken up

    • New features & performance and that will amaze

    • Uniquely backed by LORD and EPRI training programmes!


    ...excellent tools and available now!

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    RH973-SO2...exceeds all expectations

    • Eclipses all rivals for accuracy & stability
    • Portable, rugged, & 2 year warranty
    • 15 year design life
    • Field-verifiable calibration

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    An essential, popular tool with many vital applications for LV to HV networks!

    • Real-time GPS-based phase identification
    • Works on any energized conductor at any voltage.
    • Eliminates having to “Walk the line” to trace transpositions
    • Easily identify vector group shifts

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+64 3 348 5999 (Int)
1800 128 000 (Aus)

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Welcome to the LORD Power Equipment web site.

Introduction to LORD Power Equipment:

LORD Power Equipment prides itself on having, arguably, the most comprehensive range of on-line condition assessment and monitoring equipment and expertise available from a single source in Australia.

Principle Focus of LORD Power Equipment:

The principle focus of LORD Power Equipment is the provision of suitable devices and applications expertise to the Australian Power Industry so as to permit adequate testing and assessment of power system assets to determine or assess their condition, safety, reliability, and potential remaining life. From such information, effective asset management decisions may follow. Our associated consulting arm, www.lordconsulting.com, provides additional expertise in this particular area throughout Australasia.

Customers Serviced by LORD Power Equipment:

The asset management needs of the MV, HV, and EHV power industry in Australia are catered for. Our customers include all transmission, generation, distribution, industrial process, and mining companies in the region.

Equipment and Technologies Offered by LORD Power Equipment:

Equipment and technologies are offered for the effective management of transformers, tap changers, bushings, surge arrestors, CT's, VT's, cables, transmission lines, insulators, switchgear, batteries, and generators. Substation security is a related area also covered.

The majority of product offered caters for the field of on-line, in-service inspection, control, and condition monitoring.

Technologies available include: transformer main tank on-line DGA monitoring, portable dissolved gas DGA testing, transformer temperature controlling equipment, bushing and CT monitoring equipment, buchholz relays, thermal MDI's, partial discharge testing services and equipment for both on and off line testing of all power assets including in energised switchyards and EHV voltages, SF6 gas testing and dew point equipment with full environmental compliance, thermographic cameras, corona cameras, distributed temperature sensing DTS equipment for cables.

Minimisation of Third Party Damage to Power and Telecom Cables:

Given that some 70% of all damage to power cables is as a result of third party damage, our associated company www.lordcivil.com holds intellectual property in its ‘Locate Safe' product that can virtually eliminate this occurrence.

Brands offered by LORD Power Equipment:

Many leading brands are represented, including Morgan Schaffer, Weschler, RH Systems, UVIRCO, Aspen, and P&B Weir.


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