Software for Oil Data Storage and Analysis

Morgan Schaffer Inside View Transformer Oil Diagnostic Software

Inside View is a comprehensive evaluation system for monitoring the condition of valuable assets, such as transformers. Continuous data monitoring, detailed analysis, and change-of-status notices ensure users are fully informed with results from the diagnostic process, and thus equipped to make more precise condition assessments. Inside View integrates more than 100 data types related to oil testing that are gathered from different sources (on-line monitor, laboratory, or field tests). Analysis is performed on centralized data according to DGA, oil quality and paper degradation formulas. Inside View uses complex diagnostic methods to display results in ways that are easy to interpret and compare. The criteria for analysis are selected automatically according to transformer characteristics, such as oil type, transformer type and voltage class. The system employs robust graphics to display trends for each oil test attribute, and has the capacity to combine data from different sources. The software is installed on a Windows-based server within a company. From their workstations, users only require a web browser to access Inside View.

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