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ASPEN Leaflet. Volume 26, Number 1

In This Issue

  • Protective System Maintenance Program
  • Transmission Line Loadability
  • Generator Loadability
  • Relay Performance during Stable Power Swings
  • Coordination for Performance during Fault
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ASPEN OneLiner Training Class Albany, NY Sept. 16-18, 2014

The next ASPEN OneLiner class is just a month away. This two-and-a-half day class will cover all aspects of the OneLiner software, from beginning to advanced. Please see the panel below for details.

There are only about 10 seats left. If you plan to come, I suggest you sign up on-line and reserve your hotel room as soon as possible.

I hope to see you there.


Sherman Chan

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Aspen Leaflet - Volume 24, Number 1

Relay Loadability Studies

Reliability Standard PRC-023, enacted by FERC in 2010, requires transmission owners, generator owners, and distribution providers to set their phase relays in such a way that the relays protect the electric network from short circuits, but do not limit transmission loadability or interfere with system operators’ ability to maintain system reliability.

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FLASH NEWS!! >> Kaddas Enterprises Announces Innovative Animal Outage Protection for Nova Reclosers

Salt Lake City, UT. ( October 2012)— Kaddas Enterprises is a small, 100% Woman Owned Thermoform Plastic Manufacturer located in Salt Lake City.

The Design, Development and Production teams at Kaddas Enterprises have recently completed a new product to add to their extensive line of animal caused outage protection products. Kaddas has finalized installation training and on-site field modifications for the Cooper NOVA recloser (shown below). The progressive design and locking cover system utilizes patented BirdguarD™ electrical outage protection technology and proprietary materials for NSTAR Electric & Gas, who has been providing electricity and natural gas to the residents and businesses in Eastern, Central and Southeastern Massachusetts for more than 100 years.

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